Gravity FAQs

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Yes, we offer sponsorships of all shapes and sizes. We welcome new influencers, content creators and ambassadors, local sports clubs and we are always looking to meet new people to help us promote our brand

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If you love Gravity, our Gravity Ground Crew will be perfect for you.

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Gravity Hard Seltzer

A hard seltzer is classified as an alcoholic sparkling water with a hint of flavouring. Our Gravity Hard Seltzers use a specially brewed alcoholic base, the best natural flavour extracts and the best quality filtered water to not just make an ordinary seltzer, but a better for you seltzer with low sugar, low cals and low carbs!!

Our drink range currently has two hard seltzers. One that contains 4% alcohol and one that is non-alcoholic 0%. We offer our non-alcoholic for those who want to enjoy a drink without the alcohol.

Yes! All of our Hard Seltzers are gluten free.

Gravity Seltzer products do not currently contain caffeine.

Gravity Hard Seltzers are 99% sugar free, low calories, low carbs, gluten free, vegan and made with all natural flavours.

Gravity Hard Soda

Tired of overly sugary lemon drinks that weigh you down? Welcome Gravity’s Vodka+ Lemoncello. With only 0.2g of sugar and 114 calories. This blend offers a pure, zesty flavour that is refreshingly crisp with a delightful twist of artisanal lemoncello crafted from the finest organic lemons, paired with five times distilled premium vodka. Vodka+Lemoncello takes you on a sunny European summer holiday with every sip.

Yes! Our Hard Soda Vodka+Lemoncello contains 5% ABV

Our Hard Soda contains only 0.2g of sugar and 114 calories with all the zesty flavour.

Gravity HardER Soda

Why overload on sugar when a sip of "Citrus Explosion" and "Ginger and Lime" can ignite your occasion? These vibrant blend from Gravity's HardER Soda range packs a punch with 8% ABV in 250ml cans.

Both our HardER Sodas in Citrus Explosion and Ginger and Lime are 8% ABV

Want a less sugary liquid, but all the flavour and kick? Relish a burst of flavour—sharp, crisp, clear, refreshing and flavoursome—with less than 0.5g of sugar and only 105 calories.