Seltzers vs. Beers. Who beats the healthy test?

Seltzers vs. Beer - Which Is Healthier and Why?

Beer is one alcoholic drink that has been around since time immemorial. It’s a globally famous drink, so famous that it doesn’t need much introduction. On the other hand, what do we know about Seltzers? These new little fellas that are in town! 

Just by its name, you would think it’s a concoction made by a mad scientist in his secret lair and that might not be too far off. Kidding aside, Seltzers is a type of alcoholic drink featuring fruit-flavored carbonated water with alcohol added. Unlike vodka, gin, or even beer, which are grain-fermented, the alcohol in hard seltzer comes from fermented cane sugar. That's why it's lower in alcohol content — and a safe option for vegans.

Take note that since the alcohol component of Seltzers does not come from the usual sources—grains; this makes consuming it less guilt-inducing, especially for people who are particular about their calorie intake, but don't want to give up drinking alcohol altogether. Different brands have varying alcoholic content, but are usually between 4 and 6 percent, with a calorie content of around 100 calories per 355 ml can — numbers that put it in the similar category as a can of light beer. Ours actually 12 and 92 Calories. 

Calorie counting is not the most effective measure to determine whether you’re eating healthy or not. However, it does play a part when the narrative is narrowed down to alcohol consumption. Why? When we consume alcoholic drinks, they are not nutritionally beneficial per se but since it’s something we just cannot give up, well, we might as well minimize the “damage” by limiting the empty calories we are introducing into our body.

This is where Seltzers trump beers. Most hard seltzers available in the market have about 100 calories per 355 ml can, which is low. Compared to a bottle of Balter XPA (118 calories), Carlton Draught (138 calories), or Coopers Pale Ale (155 calories), at 100 calories, Seltzers are closer to the category of light beers. Some craft beers, well – they can be 200-300 calories.

Another reason why Seltzers are preferred over beer is that it’s gluten-free (generally, but be sure to double-check before consuming), which makes it appealing for anyone with a gluten sensitivity. With a lesser carb content than most traditional alcoholic drinks like beer or even wine, it’s no wonder Seltzers are becoming more and more famous nowadays.

So, what do you think? Beers are definitely here to stay, but it sounds like Seltzers are worth trying, right?

Gravity Seltzers are gluten free, vegan, and 99% sugar free. 12 Calories (blood orange 0% alcohol), 92 & 94 Calories for our 4% alcoholics.

Our view is - everything in moderation is just GRAV!