Gravity Drinks Co. Launches Gravity HardER Soda 8% Cans

Gravity Drinks Co. Launches Gravity HardER Soda 8% Cans

Live an Inspired European Summer All Year Round with This New Zesty Drink

Yearning for the refreshing zest of a European summer while stuck in the chill of the Australian winter? Gravity Drinks Co. has the perfect solution with their latest creation, Hard Soda Lemoncello. This 5% alcohol beverage encapsulates the lively spirit of the Amalfi Coast, offering a crisp, lemony taste that can turn any day into a sunny getaway. This innovative drink promises full flavour with fewer calories, making it an ideal choice if you are wanting to enjoy the essence of summer all year round.

A New Era in Lemon RTDs

The lemon ready-to-drink (RTD) market is booming, and Gravity Drinks Co. is poised to lead the charge. Hard Soda Lemoncello bridges the gap between overly sugary RTDs and those that skimp on flavour. This drink is crafted for lovers of lemon cocktails, limoncello, and hard seltzers, delivering a satisfying experience free from the sugar-induced guilt and discomfort.

Founded in 2022 by Mick Spencer and Liam Battye, Gravity Drinks Co. emerged in the post-pandemic era with a mission to revolutionise the beverage industry. Powered by some of Australia’s top athletes, their initial line of light, better-for-you seltzers paved the way for their new “Hard Soda” RTD range. Hard Soda Lemoncello is crafted to offer Aussies a taste of escape, combining robust flavour with health-conscious ingredients.

Over Sugar?
If you're tired of sugary beverages, Hard Soda Lemoncello is your answer. With less than 0.5g of sugar and only 114 calories, it stands as one of the lowest sugar and calorie Lemon RTD options available. This drink offers a crisp, zesty lemon flavour, enhanced by artisanal lemoncello made from the finest lemons and paired with five-times distilled premium Australian vodka. Each sip whisks you away to a sun-drenched European summer, embodying the carefree charm of the Italian coastline.

Pure Ingredients, No Worries
Gravity Drinks Co. prides itself on using the freshest Australian ingredients. Hard Soda Lemoncello is no exception, featuring organic components that ensure you can enjoy your drink without the worry of next-day bloating or discomfort. Win-win!

Celebrate an Endless Summer
Experience the joy of an endless summer with Hard Soda Lemoncello, a full-flavoured, low-calorie, and sugar-conscious creation from Gravity Drinks Co. Raise your glass to a new era of refreshing beverages, where every sip transports you to sunlit shores and vibrant flavours.